About Us

Downeast Business Association is a referral based networking group that is BNI inspired. We have one representative per type of business  in our group, allowing for easy referrals. We have done over $300,000 of closed business as a group since our inception. 

By joining this group, you have a 'sales force' of other professionals out in your community able to talk about your goods/services. 

We currently have openings in many business categories including:
  • acupuncturist
  • art gallery
  • baker
  • beauty consultant/salon
  • builder
  • car mechanic
  • carpenter
  • caterer
  • dog groomer
  • executive coach
  • florist
  • gardener
  • health club
  • hotel
  • jeweler
  • personal assistant
  • and much much more!
Our meetings are one hour a week on MDI. The meetings won't run over and the basic program is 60 second presentations by members, one ten minute presentation by a member or guest, and a 'business' portion of the meeting. Meetings are kept on time and don't run over.
If you have an interest in joining our group or attending a meeting as a guest to see if it is for you, please contact info@dbamaine.org 

Requirements of joining the Downeast Business Association
  • Regular meeting attendance (weekly). 
  • $50/year dues
  • Committing to referring to work within the group
  • Recording your referrals and closed business to track group effectiveness

Meeting Information

We currently meet at the Somesville Library from 7:45 to 8:30 AM every Friday morning. Please email us if you'd like to come. If there is room on the program, we can give you more than 60 seconds of presentation time.