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Effective 60-Second Presentations - The purpose is to educate your "volunteer sales team" about who a great referral is for you.
  • 60-seconds!  This is also and opportunity to practice being concise
    [See attached template]
  • Five parts:
    • Your name, company, profession
    • Identify the specific pat of your business you will describe
    • Talk about this specific aspect of your business
    • Ask for a specific referral
    • Restate your name, company profession and end with a "memory hook"

Effective 10-Minute Presentations - This is an opportunity to educate your "volunteer sales force" on how to find referrals for you, and  to interest members in arranging 1:1 meetings with you.

  •  Five parts:
    • Your name, company, profession
    • identify an area of your business you will expand on
    • Explain this area of your business and put it into a larger context
    • Ask for help identifying and locating your ideal clients
    • Restate your name, company, profession, and hand out marketing material

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